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Address: 1 Low Luddick, Woolsington, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, NE13 8DE

LATEST NEWS - New Models now Available - Valtra Metallic orange, New Holland TM range yellow decals and Case ih Maxxum,- This Site Was Last Updated 08/05/2021
NEXT SHOW - July 4th - Spalding Model Tractor Show, Empsons Farm, Falls Drove, Crowland, PE6 0FA

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Stephen Frater comes from the well known Frater family of Northumberland, who have been engaged in many farming activities for generations.

A tractor driver and machine operator since school, via ag college, his lifelong interest in models has led to his range of conversions of modern machines to more closely replicate the real thing, or to cover model designs not covered by the mainstream manufacturers. Also over the last few years stephen has been subject to magazine articles in major model tractor magazines.

Stephen is also a member of various tractor preservation groups in Northumberland, as well as having and active interest in Classic Fords.

In his spare time modifying tractors is his main occupation, so no time for tree hugging and saving the world!

Limited Edition Products and New Conversions
NEW SDF 1416 West silage trailer (2021)with silver wheels 40.00 & SDF 1417 Marshall Bespoke silage trailer (black) with grain back door and silver wheels 44.00
NEW SDF 902 John Deere 3640 Rear Duals 55.00
NEW SDF 687 John Deere 3050 Front weight 40.00
NEW SDF 1405 NH T6.180 Row Crop Wheels 50.00
NEW SDF 1414 John Deere 6120M Row Crop Wheels 50.00
NEW SDF 1389 NH TM155 Terracotta 80.00
NEW SDF 1401 Case IH 125 CVX with front linkage 35.00
NEW SDF 1384 John Deere  6100M 30.00
NEW SDF 1388 NH TM155 65.00
NEW SDF 1381 Valtra T254 Metallic Extra  40.00
NEW SDF 1380  Valtra T254 Metallic Orange Rowcrop Wheels 50.00
NEW SDF 1390 NH TM120 Yellow Decals 65.00
NEW SDF 1365 JCB 4220 25th Anniversary Duals all round 48.00
NEW SDF 1366 NH T8.435 Blue Power with front weight 30.00
NEW SDF 1368 New Holland T8.435 Blue Power Front Linkage with Duals all Round 48.00
NEW SDF 1373 John Deere 7250R With Rear Duals 80.00
NEW SDF 1358 Case IH  540 CVX Quadtrac (UK/EU Spec) 75.00
NEW SDF 1357 NH T6.180 Terracotta 60.00
NEW SDF 1356 Fendt 828 Vario Duals all Round 44.00
SDF 1354 NH T7.225 Union Jack with front linkage and Tracks all Round 70.00
SDF 1349 Case IH Puma 230 CVX front linkage and Tracks all Round 70.00
SDF 1346 Valtra T254 (PINK) Duals all round 44.00
SDF 650L Ford 9700 40.00
SDF SDF 649L Ford 9700 2wd 40.00
SDF 1345 Massey Ferguson 6718S Rowcrop Wheels 50.00
SDF 1341 NH T7.225 Terracotta Rowcrop wheels with front linkage  60.00
SDF 1339 John Deere 7290R 78.00
SDF 1332 John Deere 6175R 73.00
SDF 1342 NH T7.225 Terracotta Duals all Round with front linkage 58.00
SDF 1316 Ford 6640 SLE Extra and SDF 1319 Ford 7740 SLE Extra Both 48.00
SDF 1312 John Deere 6230R 73.00
SDF 1302 Marshall QM Range silage Trailer (2018 Decals) 40.00
SDF 1301 Marshall MS Range Rotaspreader with Large wheels (2018 Decals) 34.00
 SDF 1310 Valtra T254V Row Crops 50.00
SDF 1311 John Deere 8400i Forager 145.00
SDF 1309 Valtra T254V Duals all round 44.00
SDF 1299 John Deere 6175M Row Crops 50.00
SDF 1292 & 1296 NC Dump Trailers Green either with Silver or Yellow Wheels 44.00 Each
SDF 1290 JCB 8330 Fastrac Duals all round 44.00
SDF 1289 John Deere 6195M Duals all round and front linkage 44.00
SDF 1291 New Holland T9.565 (2017 Upgrade) 38.00
SDF 1280 Case IH Puma 175 CVX Rowcrop wheels and front linkage 60.00
SDF 1281 Case IH Puma 175 CVX Duals all round and Front Linkage 58.00
 SDF 1275 NH S100 70.00
SDF 1233 NH T7.225 Union Jack Rowcrop Wheels and front linkage 60.00
SDF 1232 NH T7.225 Rowcrop Wheels and front linkage 60.00
SDF 1269 NH T8.435 (Terracotta) 60.00
SDF 1261 NH T7.315 (Terracotta) 60.00
SDF 1225 NH T6.175 Blue Power 60.00
LIMITED EDITION International 1480 Axle Flow Combine (Also Comes with Maize Header) Comes with Certificate 5 Available 95.00
SDF 1204 New Holland T6.155 30.00
SDF 1191 NH T7.315 Blue Power 60.00
SDF 1183 New Holland T8.435 Smartrax (UK/EU Spec) 70.00
SDF 1104 Marshall QM Range silage Trailer (2016 Decals) 40.00
SDF 457 Marshall MS Range Rotaspreader with Large wheels (2011 Decals) 34.00

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